Why Marketing Should Be “About the Customer”

Why is marketing important? It is absolutely no secret that internet marketing really helps small to mid size business tremendously. Even the largest most well known companies depend on efficient marketing to reach their consumers. So let’s quickly explain what successful online marketing consists of and why marketing is so important.

why marketing

Successful marketing starts with creating a feedback loop between yourself, your marketer, and your customer. Let’s take an example of how you might develop this feedback loop. You make a great product, your customer loves it, they leave a review for you, your marketer adds value to your customers life or experience and your customer gives you another high quality product to sell.

This isn’t a story and its not too far off. In fact, this very scenario is what happened to me, and many other Genentech customers. I started as a marketer/software engineer and worked my way up to marketing executive. I can tell you that working in the customer service area helped me understand the concept of “market share mentality.” What does this mean? Basically, by being the best you can be, your customers will tell others about you!

Now you may think that since Genentech has been beating everyone else to the new technology for the last few years that no one will tell others about you. However, if you really look at the recent trends around marketing software solutions and services, you’ll see that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, in this competitive world, it would behoove you to do what your competitors are doing, and often this requires using new marketing techniques and methods.

Once you understand and incorporate these new techniques into your Genentech marketing plan, you will see an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a simple concept: the customer wants to be happy! If your customers are happy, they will tell others, who will tell their friends, and so on, and so forth. This is a natural result of good marketing, and if you can’t imagine doing any differently, then perhaps you should reconsider. What I mean by this is that you must implement whatever strategy you have developed because it works. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels.

For example, did you notice that almost every major company in the SaaS industry has an online presence? The reason why this is the case is because they know that their customers want to feel like quality solutions whenever they are purchasing a software application or a hardware device. In other words, a customer wants to feel like they got something for a good price. They want to feel like they “got something” for a reasonable price, instead of having to overspend, which is what the competition does. To this end, they use online marketing means, such as “pumpkins,” “peanuts,” “jams,” and such like, as well as other cheap yet effective marketing strategies.