Which Of The Following Statements About Marketing intermediaries Is True?

which of the following statements about marketing intermediaries is true

Which Of The Following Statements About Marketing intermediaries Is True?

Which of the following statements about marketing intermediaries is actually true? A. Marketing intermediaries, whether online or in a brick and mortar shop, must provide a solid level of service to ensure that their clients get value for their money. They must have an easy to use website that lets customers know what they are buying and why. They must be available to their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week through email, phone, or web chat.

B. All marketing intermediaries should be registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). If the business cannot be found on the BBB’s website, pass.

C. Any good marketer understands the concept of cost per action or CPA. This is the old stand by for Internet marketing. Buyers do not go to a site if there is no chance they will buy what is on the site. They look for CPA offers, which usually come in the form of discounts, free shipping, or other incentives, which will entice them to make that purchase. Marketers must therefore offer people something valuable to induce them to take the action necessary to generate revenue.

D. All marketing is about numbers. If a business’ number of customers is increasing, then it is having an impact on its bottom line. The number of new customers, one can bring in must also be increasing. Businesses therefore invest in marketing tools such as websites, and search engine optimization. In order to grow their customer base, marketers have to make sure that the products or services they are offering are appealing to their potential customers. This will require creativity and skill, but will also require a return on investment in terms of more sales and more profit.

E. Marketing is not the one thing a business does that is absolutely critical to its success. It is much more. A good marketing strategy will allow a business to grow and to expand its customer base. It also will allow the business owner to realize returns on investments made in other areas of the business. Therefore, a marketing strategy should be thought of as being very important and should be viewed in the overall context of business growth and development.

F. All marketing is about relationships. The most successful marketing intermediaries will encourage the growth and development of their clients. In return, the marketer expects an increase in sales and a positive ROI. The trick is to build and nurture those relationships, and not rely on the traditional method of cold calling.