Which of the Following Is the Third Step in the Marketing Planning Process?

which of the following is the third step in the marketing planning process

Which of the Following Is the Third Step in the Marketing Planning Process?

Which of the following is the third step in the internet marketing planning process? That would be to know what your prospects want and need. Without having that knowledge you will never be able to provide them with the value they desire. And this is vital if you want to see a return on the marketing investment you’ve made. Once you have an understanding of your prospects and their wants and needs you can begin to market to them in the most effective way.

The third step in the process is to develop a list of customers you wish to acquire. This is not the same list you might create for any other purpose. It must be a list specifically identifying your ideal customer. And there are three important questions you need to ask yourself as you do this.

What would drive my ideal customer to purchase your product or service? What would be the benefits for them if you ever did offer it to them? And lastly, but definitely not least, what would you lose if you sold your product or service to them?

Your answers to these questions will determine your next move. Now that you have your list you are ready to develop your next action in your marketing plan. The third step is to develop your own marketing strategy. Again, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but you will have to develop a plan that incorporates your knowledge about the markets you have identified as well as your ability to provide the value they are seeking. That takes a great deal of work and attention to detail.

How should I proceed? There are several ways to proceed. You could hire an outside consultant. You could also develop an internal marketing planning process team to manage this part of your business.

In addition to the three steps listed above, you should also take time to develop your marketing plan. This will not be easy, so do not feel overwhelmed. Take baby steps to achieve your desired goals.

What if I do not understand which of the three steps in the marketing planning process is the third? Do not worry. There are many resources available for help in understanding these concepts.

You may be able to use a marketing course or seminar to better understand what is involved. You can also take classes online to learn more about marketing and how to apply it to your business. You can attend seminars and workshops. Some people prefer to read articles, research products and services related to their niche and attend networking events. It depends on your personal preference.

The third step is critical to your overall success. Without it, your plans will be futile. You will never be able to attract customers and retain them. The third step you need to understand is market recognition. If your products and services are not recognized by the public then you will not achieve your goals.