What is Product Marketing?

what is product marketing

Product marketing involves understanding your audience and developing a product to address their needs. It involves three major elements: product, sales, and marketing. The core of product marketing is understanding your audience and creating an experience that helps them use and recommend your product to others. In addition to the three components mentioned above, product marketing also includes the process of connecting people virtually. For example, business communication software company RingCentral takes on the problem of connecting teams virtually through unified communication and integration with other apps. By listening to customer needs, this company is continuously adding features that make their software a better experience for employees.

One important part of a product marketing strategy is to determine a price point. This may be a decision made by the company owner alone or by the marketing team. While this is easy to do if a product is in a price range that is well-known, it can be tricky if the product is a new product.

Product marketing also involves developing documents that describe the product’s value proposition, positioning, messaging, and competitive differentiation. These documents also include the go-to-market strategy. As part of this process, product marketers work closely with the product management team. They may also create data sheets and white papers for use by the sales and marketing teams.

Product marketing also includes the process of introducing a new product to the market. This includes identifying its target market, developing a product positioning, and ensuring that salespeople and customers understand it. The ultimate goal of product marketing is to create demand for a new product. Even if a product is successful, it won’t sell itself without a marketing plan. By taking advantage of product marketing, a new product will get a wider audience and make more money.

Product marketing is vital to the growth of a startup and helps the product management team scale. It is a process that unifies the efforts of the product, sales, and marketing teams. In the process, product marketers become strategic partners and trusted advisors to their organizations. This makes them ideal candidates for executive roles.

Product marketers work with marketing teams to develop product messaging and positioning that will attract customers. This process helps companies attract customers by emphasizing the key benefits of their offering. The role of a product marketer varies greatly depending on the product, industry, and company, but generally includes conducting market research, developing compelling narratives for products, and developing launch plans. Product marketers also take customer feedback and use competitive intelligence to influence future product development.

The goal of product marketing is to convert new customers into loyal customers. This is often done through effective messaging. Effective product marketing communicates the benefits of a product to convince both internal and external stakeholders. Effective product marketers can also help to coordinate new feature launches or campaigns. They make sure salespeople can effectively pitch new features to their customers.