What is Guerrilla Marketing?

what is guerilla marketing

Despite its name, what is guerilla marketing? It is a strategy used to increase brand awareness and attract attention. Guerrilla marketing tactics are not illegal, but many companies are in trouble because they don’t get the proper permits. Some companies have gotten in trouble by placing branded graffiti in historical places. Others have gotten in trouble by simply using their creativity without thinking of the law. Regardless of how it is performed, it is important to understand the risks and rewards of this strategy.

Guerrilla marketing has many real-world examples. A promoter in Manhattan handing out free wine or liquor to passersby and asking them if they remember him or her, has used guerilla marketing strategies. Another example is a small business owner driving around town with a poster that advertises work-from-home opportunities. A man in Spain once tried to entice women by offering them $100 for a kiss. The men were arrested and fined.

Another example of guerilla marketing involves putting up ads in places where the general public doesn’t go. For example, in San Francisco, a tall street lamp was painted as a giraffe to remind people of the zoo. Lego has also created big guerilla marketing campaigns. The company strapped a giant Lego to a construction crane. The resulting image delights children and adults.

Another type of guerrilla marketing is the use of social media. These campaigns are designed to get the attention of a large audience without disrupting them. The real investment in guerilla marketing is creativity. People want to share cool things, and guerrilla marketing uses this strategy to do it. It also has the advantage of being low-cost, as it doesn’t require big marketing budgets. So, while most brands would rather spend a large amount of money on advertising, most companies would rather invest their time and resources in more effective and cost-effective ways.