What Is Guerilla Marketing?

what is guerilla marketing

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

What is guerilla marketing? It is an advertising strategy where a business employs unconventional and sometimes surprising interactions with the public in order to advertise a product or service to them. It’s a sort of high-end, underground marketing. The term first came about by Jay Conrad Levinson’s famous 1984 book Guerilla Marketing. It is basically an advertising practice that utilizes unorthodox marketing techniques to target the customer without giving away the ‘clients’ identity.

How do we define this style of marketing? There are many varied examples of guerilla marketing campaigns. The best place to find them is on the internet. On almost any search engine, you will find guerilla examples on the first page. In addition to search engines, user-generated content is another great example.

On these websites you’ll see a wide range of different tactics. The key is to determine which audience will respond to your tactics. If what is guerilla marketing is bringing people into your site in droves then it may not be as effective as if you are simply getting your message across to the masses. So you must consider the end user in your tactics. Think about what they expect from your site. This will help determine how much creative effort you should put in.

Most importantly, you must understand that what is guerilla marketing is more about your creativity rather than your advertising budget. The key is to think out of the box in a way that your target audience will not expect. One great way to do this is to not only launch your campaign against a product, but against a niche you are passionate about. Think about doing a campaign in a style that has never been done before. Or launching your campaign against a brand, but with a slogan that has never been used before.

These tactics have been around since the days of the silent robber but with the advent of social media, what is guerilla marketing has moved to a new level. Social media allows you to reach an audience instantly. Your target audience can act immediately on your social media post even before they have the chance to read your full ad. This allows your brand to get their first impression of your brand, and most importantly your brand’s image, in front of them while no-one is there to guide them. This is the power of ambush marketing.

Ambush marketing tactics work by luring consumers away from the brands they know to be good but offering a unique angle to do so. They use a viral strategy to get consumers talking about your brand while you are busy creating your campaign. What is guerilla marketing? Social media, and now even viral videos can allow you to do just that! The future of marketing lies in these tactics as they allow you to approach your audience directly and get a quick shot in the arm for your business.