What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

A marketing manager is in charge of directing the overall marketing strategy for a company, product, or service. They direct a marketing group to develop and execute unique and creative strategies to drive consumer interest via multiple media channels and gauge market demand. Marketing managers often work with the creative side of a company, while also monitoring advertising, sales, and customer data to ensure that all marketing strategies are effective. These professionals utilize their knowledge to make informed marketing decisions that have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

what does a marketing manager do

Marketing managers have a wide range of responsibilities. Some specialize in one particular area such as print, television, radio, outdoor advertising, corporate promotions, and specialty magazines. Others manage a larger portfolio of departments such as corporate strategy, digital marketing, e-commerce, customer solutions, and experiential marketing. Regardless of which department you find yourself working in, a successful marketing manager will exhibit the following traits:

Responsible – Marketers are highly detail oriented. They must be able to visualize the entire picture and interpret current and evolving market conditions to determine appropriate marketing strategies. Marketers are very adept at predicting where changes are likely to occur in the consumer marketplace and how this will affect customers, both long-term and short-term.

Analytical – Those in the marketing manager role are required to be extremely analytical in nature. They must be capable of predicting trends in consumer behavior and the overall trend of the economy in order to create effective advertising and marketing campaigns. Marketers will often review marketing statistics in order to understand which advertisements are having the most impact on consumer interest. Marketers may require a high level of analytical skills in order to be successful.

Effective Communication Skills – Communication is essential to any marketing managers use of their skills. The ability to effectively communicate with customers and fellow executives is a skill that must be learned and practiced regularly. It takes much less time and effort to say “I” versus “you” in most communication situations. Marketers will often review marketing campaigns that have been effective and use these lessons to better improve future efforts.

Marketing Managers develops a wide range of skills in order to successfully manage marketing campaigns. Marketers are considered to be professionals in their own field and they have the capability to influence and shape the way their company operates. The skills required to successfully perform in this role are often taught in a specialized curriculum offered by an accredited school or college. Students interested in becoming marketeers may also take professional certifications offered by companies such as Microsoft or Cisco. The certifications will provide them with a set of tools that they can use to help them excel in their career.