What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree?

what can you do with a marketing degree

What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree?

What can you do with a marketing degree? The answer depends on what type of marketing you plan to major in. A bachelor’s degree in marketing will give graduates enough general knowledge to enter nearly any career field. Even a bachelors degree in marketing will give students enough hands on learning to become competent in many different career fields. However, a marketing major is not only for marketing majors.

Depending on what type of marketing degree you major in, students may choose to pursue careers in marketing research, promotions, customer service, advertising, government, law, publishing, or nonprofit marketing. There are many different salary ranges for these career paths, which will also depend on your specialization and level of education. For instance, if you have a bachelor’s degree specializing in human resources, you might earn a higher salary than a student who has a bachelor’s degree specializing in electronics because the latter specializes in electronic marketing. If you have a bachelor’s degree specializing in business, the salaries for these two career paths will be similar.

Marketing careers require many different technical skills in order to be successful. Graduates must have excellent writing skills, excellent computer skills, excellent field knowledge, and a great deal of interpersonal skills. Marketing majors will find that the top careers are in advertising, promotions, retail, and product development. These careers usually require degrees in accounting, economics, statistics, information technology, and communications. The jobs available in these careers will vary by type, location, and industry.

There are a number of promotions from marketing majors that are available after graduation. Career options include positions in public relations, advertising, sales, and business development. Jobs in government are also available for those who graduate from marketing degrees.

Marketers will not only make good salaries, they will also make a difference in the world around them. Graduates of marketing jobs will often go on to become managers of a variety of companies. Marketers can hold managerial or leadership positions in retail, advertising, or other companies. They can also become a director of sales, a vice president of a company, a manager of a firm, or any number of other positions.

Marketing graduates can also go on to become executive directors of advertising agencies, accountants, and other business management positions. Marketing has many avenues open for graduates who are interested in furthering their education and career opportunities. The opportunities are wide open for public relations specialists, promotions of current products and services, and social media marketing. The best way to see all that is available is by taking classes online for a marketing degree.