What Are Product Marketing and How it Can Help Your Business

what is product marketing

What Are Product Marketing and How it Can Help Your Business

What is product marketing? Product marketing is an instrumental marketing function which bridges the gap between advertising and product management. The primary function of a product marketer is to first identify and define target markets and unique value propositions.

In order for a company to be a player in their market place, they must adopt an effective product positioning strategy. In a nutshell, this strategy is making sure that your brand is positioned effectively within the customer’s environment. It also involves making sure that the positioning is communicated clearly. Other key responsibilities include selling support and position targeting.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important roles for a product marketer is to be a strategic communicator. Communicating the product marketing strategy is not just for the sales force. The product marketer must be open to working with the teams that will help them execute their vision. They must listen to the questions and concerns of the customer and actively engage with the people who are part of the organization. Many times product marketers work together with marketing and creative teams that will work together to enhance the communication.

The creation of the marketing strategy is often at the discretion of the product marketing team. However there are some strategies that are common among successful marketing strategies. First is the theme, or overall message of the campaign. Most marketers choose to have a theme that aligns with the values of the organization. From there, the positioning strategy takes shape.

A good product marketing sits squarely within the company vision and mission. It is a part of the overall business strategy. One of the key things to remember is that the message needs to be communicated clearly to potential buyers, employees and partners so that they can make a buying decision. There are several key elements such as positioning, packaging and pricing that go into developing the messaging strategy. These key elements need to be considered in tandem with the overall product management strategy.

What is product marketing focuses on building an understanding between the product, the company and the target audience. With traditional marketing, the goal is usually to reach a specific audience in order to make a sale. What is product marketing focuses on making sure that the message reaches the right target audience and helps to build trust with those individuals.