Is Your Friend Developing a Marketing Plan For Her? Great Advice for Marketers

So, you have read up on what is the next step for your friend who is now developing a marketing plan for her new business. She has a lot of ideas on how to develop her brand. But she also has trouble finding the best way to get her message across to the people she wants to target. So, what should she put in her plan? Here are a few pointers.

your friend is developing a marketing plan for her new business what should she put in this plan

Your friend needs to know who she is addressing to (the target audience) and how she plans to reach them. Who will be her primary customers? Who will be the key influencers? How will she measure her success and reach out to see if what she is doing is working?

Do some brainstorming – Come up with some questions or topics for your friend to research. Do an internet search on your favorite search engine and pull up some niche blogs and forums to peruse. Ask your friend what interests her and where she finds information that will help her with her niche. Does she subscribe to newsletters? What about RSS feeds?

Have her talk to you – If you have a good relationship with your friend, she might be willing to tell you what she is doing and why. Be sure to ask her for feedback on her ideas and see what she likes/dis Likes about the plan she is developing. Is she using search engine optimization to drive traffic to her site? If so, how? Does she have any special software that is making her site more visible?

Talk to her co-workers – Is there another marketer in the area she is interested in or looking to join? Has she found a good Internet marketing company that offers training and tools to build a successful online presence? Are there other local companies she can network with? All of these conversations will take you closer to her goals and help you determine what she should be focusing on. The more you know about her business, the more successful she will be.

Developing a plan for your friend is not an easy task. It does require some research and thinking on her part. However, if you follow the tips we provided above, you will be able to find out a great deal about your friend and what she is doing. From there, you can develop some solid business strategies around her goals and create a plan to help her reach them. The most important thing is to be supportive and let her know that you are there for her.