Direct Marketing – What Is Direct Marketing?

what is direct marketing

Direct Marketing – What Is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing, also known as direct mailing, or “dumb” marketing, is a promotion technique that has existed for decades. In the past, this type of advertising was quite expensive, but in today’s economic climate it is not as costly as it used to be. One of the primary reasons for the decreased costs associated with this type of marketing is the advent of new technology. Most traditional Direct Mail pieces are now electronic in nature and can be sent via email directly to the intended recipient. This is a tremendous time saver when compared to printing out paper flyers, and there are many different ways that you can advertise by using Direct Mail.

Direct marketing techniques are very effective because they reach individuals that may not otherwise have even heard about your company. The best part about these marketing techniques is that you are only charged for those individuals who actually end up opening and reading your advertisement. While most other forms of advertising require you to pay a fee based upon the number of pieces you print, with direct mail you only pay if someone opens and reads your piece. This can make advertising much more affordable for many companies.

When utilizing direct mail, you are not limited only to advertising to those within the United States. Many international customers will still be able to view your ads because they tend to use completely electronic means to communicate. Your international audience can simply click on your ad to view your offerings. For companies that have branches in multiple countries, this is a great way to expand your marketing efforts and increase exposure to your product.

Another reason why using direct marketing techniques is much less expensive than other types of advertising is that there is little or no delivery cost involved. Using snail mail or postal mail requires a considerable amount of resources to operate. For example, a printer that is used for traditional direct marketing will cost hundreds of dollars per year, and that includes all the supplies needed to print your advertisements. The cost of an advertisement online is significantly lower, and is generally paid back within just a few days.

One other advantage to using direct marketing techniques is that you have full control over how the advertisement will look and who it will reach. If you want to target only specific groups of people or geography, you can easily do so. For example, if you wanted to advertise exclusively to high school seniors in your area, you could easily do so. Likewise, if you wanted to target only African-Americans in your advertising, you could easily do so. There is no limit to the number of demographic groups that you can target using direct marketing methods.

As you can see, direct marketing is a great alternative to traditional advertising. Although it does have some disadvantages as well, like any form of advertising, it can be a good bargain if used properly. If you are interested in expanding your customer base, using direct marketing can help you achieve your goals. It costs very little to implement and can reach a large number of people quickly and affordably. You should take the time to learn more about direct marketing techniques, both how it works and what the advantages of using it are.