A Few Examples

which of the following illustrates how marketing has a direct impact on consumers

A Few Examples

Which of the following illustrates how marketing has a direct impact on consumers? It’s either they see or read a product advertisement. If they see it, they will either remember it, or at least it reminds them of it. If they read it, either they remember it again and pass it on to someone else, who might pass it on to someone else, and so on.

B. Another example involves the use of “branding.” Some people believe that the way a company designs its logo or slogan has an effect on its public image. An even greater number believe this is true of the products of companies which have large and expensive advertising campaigns. For example, many people believe that Target would make a great company if it only advertised its products in the back of their trucks.

C. Perhaps the most obvious example illustrates the power of marketing. A large corporation may not seem likely to use full-page newspaper advertisements. However, if the corporation does so, it may actually lose customers. The reasons for this are that most newspapers only publish a limited amount of ad space, and if the ad budget is not big enough, the publication of the advertisement is likely to be rejected by the paper’s editors.

D. One example involves a television commercial. When the commercial first aired, it may have been well received by viewers. But as it continued to be shown, it began to lose favor with some viewers. The reason for this is that the commercial was being aired during prime time, when most people are working and have other commitments.

E. A less obvious example involves the way in which a company might choose to distribute its marketing literature. A marketing literature, in many cases, is simply a business card. If a company wants to ensure that the literature is well received, it may choose to distribute the literature only to consumers who are looking for a company that sells such products as coffee or chocolate. If, however, the company chooses to distribute the literature to consumers who are likely to be interested in those products, then the impact of marketing will be greater.

F. An example involves the impact that celebrity endorsements can have on public awareness of particular products. Again, one might think that these examples demonstrate how marketing has a direct impact on consumers. However, it turns out that the impact that celebrity endorsements can have is more indirect. For example, a number of companies choose to create commercials featuring celebrities who will endorse their products. In effect, these commercials provide a number of additional advertisements for the product, thus making the total cost of the campaign a greater amount of money.